The Piece That Fits – N J GRay

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The Piece That Fits – N J Gray
epub | 937.42 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09JJQSP1J | Author: N.J. Gray | Year: 2021

Since that haunting accident years ago, Avery Fox has always followed her head and not her heart. With good grades, a future career in medicine, and a boyfriend who’s ready to take the next step, it seems like she has everything she could ever want. But soon, the facade of her flawless life fades, and she questions every decision she’s made. With nowhere else to turn, Avery is forced to move in with her brother and his bandmates of A Quiet Peril-the band they started in high school that is now touring across the nation and selling out everywhere they go.Following her head is a lot easier said than done before Liam Lockwood enters her life again. Because when deep-rooted anger and hatred for her brother’s best friend turn to growing affection and burning desire, she wants nothing more than to follow her heart. But there’s a reason she’s always made the controlled choice, and when her heart takes the lead, the secret of what really caused that accident all those years ago is revealed, threatening to shatter her life into pieces.And there’s only one person who can put her back together.

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