Sparkle Forever Safe The Twelve – Dakota Rebel

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Sparkle Forever Safe The Twelv – Dakota Rebel
epub | 124.31 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09KPZ6Y5G | Author: Dakota Rebel | Year: 2021

A small-town sunshine vet and a grumpy, big city lawyer find love in this adorable Christmas romance by bestselling author Dakota Rebel.

It all started with an injured these things usually do.

Was I creeping around a stranger’s front lawn in a sports bra and jogging shorts? Yes, yes I was. Was he super rude and obnoxious about it? Naturally.

He did agree to help me get the bunny to my office, and now we’ve got this weird pseudo-friendship thing happening.

Yeah, he’s a total grinch, but he’s so hot. And I just know that somewhere deep, deep, deep down he’s probably a really good guy. I mean, there has to be something that’s drawing me to him, right?

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