Sin & Spell by A. M. Kore Epub

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File Name:Sin & Spell by A. M. Kore Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :459.KB
Updated and Published:May 13, 2022


A virgin and an incubus walk into a bar–
Correction: not a bar… a bakery.
A virgin and an incubus walk into a bakery–

Born into a powerful magical family, you’ve since traded your spell books for recipe books and wands for whisks to open your own bakery after realizing that the path of witchcraft just wasn’t meant for you. You now spend your days caught up in the black and white fantasies you tend to craft for yourself in an attempt to escape the demons of your past that still haunt you, yet just when reality begins to become especially harsh, a new demon appears in the present.
An incubus, to be more exact.
From the tips of his horns down to the infuriatingly precise Eldredge knot of his silk tie and even further still to the flicker of his maddening tail, Eden Decameron can only be described as a neon menace that not even the thickest of salt rings could ward off. As the CEO & Founder of one of Tenebra City’s most successful tech companies, he seems to have more money than he knows what to do with – and when you are almost forced to give up your bakery after a prominent dragon clan threatens to buy your bakery’s building right out from under you, he makes you an offer that’s much too seductive to refuse.
As the lines blur between vice and virtue and reality and fantasy, can you continue to convince yourself that your arrangement with the incubus is strictly business? Or will you realize that you might want more than even the exceedingly generous Mr. Decameron can give you?
You might just consider yielding to temptation… but do you really want to rid yourself of it?

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