Secrets for Thriving in the Gig Zone

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Secrets for Thriving in the Gig Zone
English | February 2nd, 2021 | ISBN: 9388302567 | 190 pages | True EPUB | 1.66 MB

You think that gig-ing is the future of work? Wrong! The gig era is already here. The gig economy is, arguably, the biggest disrupter of organisational models. Driven by digitisation, remote working, and platform economies, it is transforming the traditional system of employment. More jobs are now being assigned to individual independent contractors. Covid-19 has exponentially accelerated this momentum. Gig is no longer the future; it is now. Whether by choice or perforce, you either are a gig-er or will turn into one very soon.

While companies are scrambling to adapt, the impact is most severe at the individual level. Rules of a full-time job do not apply any longer. You will have to reinvent yourself. Thriving in the gig world is not merely about getting your skill set right. It requires mastering four complementary dimensions-Gig Attitude, Gig Lifestyle, Gig Personality, and Gig Functional Skills.

Secrets for Thriving in the Gig Zone offers practical hacks to win in this booming world. Based on the author’s first-hand experiences, this book lays out actionable secrets. Peppered with real-life examples, quotes from other gig-ers, and ready-to-use templates for self-evaluation, this book will steer you to success.

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