Programming in Scala, Fifth Edition

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Free DownloadProgramming in Scala, Fifth Edition

English | 2021 | ISBN: 0997148004 | 668 pages | True PDF | 16.7 MB

This book is the authoritative tutorial on the Scala programming language, co-written by the language’s designer, Martin Odersky.

This fifth edition is a major rewrite of the entire book, adding new material to cover the many changes in Scala 3.0. In fact we have added so much new material that we split the book into two volumes. This volume, Programming in Scala, is a tutorial of Scala and functional programming. The second volume, Advanced Programming in Scala, which will be released as a PrePrint soon, is a deep dive into advanced aspects of Scala 3. The changes and new features covered in this book include:
Quiet (indentation-sensitive) control syntax
Intersection and union types
Enums and Algebraic Data Types (ADTs)
Context parameters and given instances
Trait parameters and transparent traits
Universal apply methods
Extension methods
Multiversal equality
Export clauses
main functions

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