Orange Lake by Aly Tatum Epub

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File Name:Orange Lake by Aly Tatum Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :305KB
Updated and Published:June 13, 2022


Mercenary. Alpha. Spy. The first is my savior. The second considers me a competition. The third one – let’s just say he is not happy I am tagging along on this mission.
Brynn found herself lucky she had survived in an alien planet. Kidnapped by another alien race, she found herself on a mostly orange desert planet called Manasty. With no possession of her own, she relies on her savior, Zirc, and his friends. Though friends is a loose term because on this planet, friends are sometimes lovers. That is the only way the inhabitants of this planet can find their true mate. Once mated to one or more males, the Elders will grant them a female egg to conceive a child.
Zirc is torn between his feelings for granting her wish to go back to her planet and his mission. But most of all, he is torn – heart sick – that Roqs, his best friend and longtime lover, are not fated to be mates. Roqs and their other friends are convinced she is his true mate.
But the mission comes first – meet with their spy, bring the relic to the Elders, and eradicate one of the most powerful gangs in our time. Trouble is brewing in our planet. One elder said that the relic will be key to our survival. What the others don’t know, what even Roqs doesn’t know, is there are only a few thousand female eggs left in the Chamber. By account, it should still be in billions.
On top of that, Coone, our spy, needs to understand that she is not the enemy.

This is the third book in the Reverse Harem Manasty Series. This contains MF, MFM, MMF, MMMF, and MM situations. Brynn’s adventure with Zirc continues in Book 4.

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