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English | 2020 | ASIN: B087WQY8DN | 165 Pages | PDF/AZW3 | 110 MB

Drawing hands is extraordinarily difficult, even for accomplished artists. This book teaches you a very simple and straightforward way to draw truly amazing, completely realistic-looking hands, and all in 6 simple steps! In her typical, laid back, easy-to-understand and conversational teaching style, Artist Karen Campbell once again makes it both easy and enjoyable for artists of all abilities to first understand and then successfully execute even the most hand difficult drawings in this book. Using a combination of humor and easy-to-follow steps, Karen teaches you ways to develop muscle memory, sharpen your observational skills, and draw and shade realistic hands in graphite. The 25 different hand gestures include a wide variety of poses from people of all ages (from babies to old men) so there is literally something in here for everyone. Artists of all abilities will also learn to successfully and easily create the look of those troublesome hand details that seem to always pop up like wrinkles, veins, creases, bumps, bones, tendons, arm hair, long nails and more…and all with just a handful of supplies! Never heard of Elephant Skin or The “Poodge” show up on people before? Well get ready, because not only are you about to learn what those are, you’re about to learn how to draw them too!


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