How to Analyze People, and Their Emotional Intelligence

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Dark Psychology – How to Analyze People, and Their Emotional Intelligence To Be Able to Avoid
pdf | 1.03 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08PBXMJW8 | Author: Louis Convert | Year: 2020

What If You Could Influence Other People to Do Exactly What You Want Without Them Knowing? But is it possible? This book “Dark Psychology” opens the doors to the most well-kept secrets of our brain and way of thinking.

Mind control and forced hypnosis is still science fiction, however, it’s a fact that manipulators gain control over their targets through subtle social cues and persuasion tactics.
Nobody is immune to manipulation, but there are ways you can stop manipulation dead in its tracks!
Whether you are at your workplace, social setting, family functions, outdoors, and even among friends you need to be able to identify and spot manipulation before it is too late.

In This Book you will:

Learn The Most Secrets Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Abandonment, and Sense of Isolation to make you feel stronger and self-confidence and improve any kind of relationships in a positive way
Understand Exactly How to Get Over Your Fear of Judgmentand Action Your Purpose. If you are often afraid to step into your purpose because you have an overwhelming fear of being judge, inside this book you will find how to regain your sense of security and boost your potential.
Finally, Find Your Ways out from Being Manipulated returning to have 100% control over yourself, no longer fall victim to manipulators. Learn how to set up and stick to your boundaries with regards to what is necessary for your own mental and emotional well-being
Teach How to Get to Your Inner Peace and Satisfaction and overcome the traumas that haunt you. This is something we all should strive to pursue; because once inner peace is attained, life becomes a whole lot better.
How to Analyze People Using Dark Psychology with the best strategies and tactics in all areas of your life, including work, leadership, romantic relationships, parenting, and friendships.
. & Lot More!

Can you imagine the power and influence you’ll have if you mastered dark psychology?

Dark Psychology will take you to a full understanding of Happiness, progressing in learning psychological techniques that apply immediately, allowing you to improve the quality of your life, no longer making you victims of your relationships.

Learn how to use dark psychology to get what you want from people, recognize manipulators, and protect yourself from them.

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