Flood restoration san diego
Flood restoration san diego

Flood restoration san diego

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When your property has water damage or flooding, timing is critical. You need a rapid response from a professional company that knows how to handle water damage repair and how to prevent additional damage. Clean Earth Restorations is not just another San Diego water damage restoration company. We will guide you through all the phases of your project. Our experienced staff understands the needs of homeowners and has extensive expertise working with agents and adjusters on all aspects of your claim.

Our Commitment To You:

• Available twenty-four hours a day for emergency response
• More than twenty years of home restoration and repair experience
• Water damage restoration that is high-tech, thorough, and permanent
• Hard-working, friendly and diligent professionals
• Assistance navigating the insurance claim process. We represent you!

We’re San Diego’s Top Water Damage Restoration Specialists

We offer expert water damage restoration and water mitigation services. Our scope of repairs and billings is detailed, accurate, and easy to interpret. Customer service is our highest value. We provide professional services for residential, commercial, property managers, and industrial clients.

Our experienced, well-trained professionals work quickly and efficiently and do everything they can to prevent flooding from causing further damage to your property. We understand the importance of fast action when it comes to flooding and we offer the 24 / 7 availability that guarantees a quick, efficient response time. If you’re in the midst of a home or business catastrophe, give us a call to ensure thorough, immediate results.

Plus, as a full-service restoration company, we provide drywall installation or repair, painting, plumbing, and electrical services that are so important to recovering your home.

Financial Responsibility

Thinking of calling your insurance company? Call us first. Clean Earth Restorations is a preferred vendor with many major national insurance carriers and will handle everything for you, from your water/fire damage insurance claim to the completion of the construction and restoration job.

“Our mission is to provide top-notch and worry-free restoration services that save you time and money while bringing your home back to life. We want to take as much off of your plate as possible because we know that navigating the stress of a damaged home is tough. Our team is committed to doing anything we can to help you get through this difficult time as smoothly as possible.”

While water is essential for living, it is also known to be very damaging to properties. This is because building materials can absorb water and excess moisture, damaging the materials’ structures and encouraging mold growth.

Whether it’s because of burst pipes, plumbing issues, rain, natural flooding, or simply extinguishing the flames from fire damage, water can destroy building materials in various ways. No matter how the damage occurs, though, it’s important to never ignore water damage. With more time, the damage only gets worse and the chance for mold growth only increases.

In San Diego, CA, NextGen Associates helps water-damaged homes and businesses by providing them with water damage restoration services. Within these services, we will use advanced extraction and drying equipment to remove standing water and excess moisture from your property. Afterwards, our technicians will restore damaged building materials and belongings.

Problems with Water Damage – San Diego, CA

There needs to be an immediate response to water damage because the water will quickly make its way throughout any porous building materials and furnishings. The more water is absorbed, the worse the structural damage will be. This excessive moisture also creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. Knowing this, if you don’t address water damage in a timely manner, the damage can become permanent.

For professional water damage restoration services from NextGen Associates in San Diego, CA, and the nearby areas, call (858) 225-8866.

If your residential or commercial property has suffered water damage, follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with NextGen Associates for the professional water damage restoration services we provide.
  • Remove water by mopping it and/or blotting it dry.
  • Hang draperies on a coat hanger, and put the hanger on the rod so the draperies are off the floor.
  • Wipe down any wet furniture to get rid of the water. Prop up the furniture cushions as well so they can dry more easily.
  • Place documents, photos, artwork, and other vulnerable objects in a safe, dry place.
  • Prevent water-damaged books from becoming warped by packing them together on a bookshelf.
  • Open up doors to your cabinets and closets so they can dry better.

After your residential or commercial property has suffered water damage, do NOT do the following:

  • Do not go into a room that has standing water if the electricity is still on.
  • Do not use a standard vacuum to remove water.
  • Do not remove carpeting and other permanent flooring.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances if the floor is wet.
  • Do not clean any mold.

Water Damage Restoration San Diego, CA

At NextGen Associates, our technicians are properly equipped to handle any amount of water damage and properly restore the damage the water has caused. We have advanced water extraction and dehumidification equipment that we use to remove standing water and excess moisture. Then, we clean and restore the areas that have been damaged.

The following steps can be expected from our water damage restoration services:

  • Standing water removal
  • Drying and dehumidification for damaged areas and furnishings
  • Cleaning and restoration for damaged areas
  • Upholstery, carpeting, and area rug cleaning
  • Drying and recovery for damaged documents
  • Restoration for damaged electronic equipment
  • Mold removal

Water Restoration

If a home or building experiences flooding, then it can cause severe damage, and this damage must be taken care of immediately. Whether it’s the result of flash flooding or a sewage backup, a great deal of water will enter your property. This standing water will then become absorbed quickly by any surrounding porous building materials. We have the proper equipment and expertise needed to extract standing water.

If water damage goes unaddressed, then this can cause serious structural damage and potential mold growth. So make sure you get in touch with NextGen Associates if your residential or commercial property has been affected by flooding or has suffered water damage.


As only essential businesses open right now in San Diego, we wanted to let you know that Gold Coast Flood Restorations is open for business as usual and here to serve. Per Governor Newsom and CISA guidance – we are going to continue to provide emergency water damage restoration and mold remediation services to maintain the health and safety of San Diego homes and businesses.

We understand the hesitation of having someone in your home right now, but we are taking precautions to protect our employees while maintaining the highest health standards possible to minimize any risk for you and your family.

• As usual, our technicians will wear gloves and
shoe covers, and setup dust and isolation
containments, as needed
• Follow all CDC guidelines and practices.
• Wash and sanitize hands before and after every
• Sanitizing after every job of our equipment and
• Respirator masks will be worn at our client’s
• Allowing 6 feet of personal space.