Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible 2.0 – 6 Books in 1

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Free DownloadEmotional Intelligence Mastery Bible 2.0 – 6 Books in 1

Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible 2 0 – 6 Books in 1 The Psychology of Persuasion, How to
epub | 5.1 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 1914018133 | Author: Daniel Travis Cooper | Year: 2020

Do you find your emotions affecting your ability to get your job done?

Can you relate to others on how they feel and empathize with them effectively?
Being in the 21st century entails a lot of challenges. It is highly essential to be emotionally intelligent now more than ever. Emotional intelligence refers to one’s capacity to recognize, process as well as handle emotional information effectively. Mastering your emotional intelligence will help you thrive in this world. The good news is you can learn about it.
In this book you will find:
★Practical tips on how to be emotionally intelligent
★Control body language
★How to recognize personality types
★How to use nonverbal communication
★Persuasion techniques
Recognizing the need for you to handle your emotions can help you think and act wisely and to influence positively. Being emotionally intelligent is correlated with being personally happy and being capable of achieving holistic well-being.
This book is written primarily for you who are seeking to improve your emotional capabilities.

It will show you the ways and means of leading an emotionally healthy life. Not only that, but you can also find here how to properly deal with other people without losing a sense of who you are. This book may not teach you the exact formula to live your best life. Still, it will tour you around the repercussions of reacting correctly in different scenarios of your life.

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