Sequence control using PIC learned through simple games

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Sequence control using PIC learned through simple games – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

English | May 30, 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B2RVTQW7 | 143 pages | PDF | 11.3 Mb

The PIC microcontroller is so typical that it is called PIC16F84A. The PIC16C84 has been on the market for about 30 years, but it continues to be released with improvements. Microcontrollers are connected to all kinds of electronic devices, especially in cars, which have dozens of microcontrollers and are almost robotic.
Various microcontrollers are available to learn the basics of embedded microcontrollers in electronic devices that we use casually. PIC microcontrollers are relatively cheap and can be used for a variety of experiments if a writer is purchased.

In addition, free software called MPLAB can be downloaded from Microchip, which allows the C language to be handled, so there is no need to purchase software. Previously, C software for PIC microcontrollers was quite expensive.

Therefore, in this book, you can study the basics of learning and experimenting with microcontrollers as the foundation of the IoT, from the introduction of MPLAB to the production of PIC microcontroller line tracers, in sequence. Exercises and experiments will be carried out so that you can learn in an easy-to-understand way.

Table of Contents


1. Basic Usage of “Renri”
1.1 Download
1.2 PIC16F84A
1.3 Ladder circuit with PIC sequencer

2. Basic sequence circuits
2.1 sequence circuits
2.2 Sequence Basic Circuit Example
Example (1) Self-holding circuit
Example (2)
Example (3)
Example (4)
Example (5)

3.Sequence Simulation by Renri
(1) Self-held circuits
(2) Circuit that alternately turns ON and OFF
(3) Circuit that turns ON after a certain time
(4) Periodic Operating Circuit
(5) Traffic signals

4.Sequence control experiment with PIC

(1) Self-held circuits (Chapter 2, Example 1)
(2) Circuit that alternately turns ON and OFF
(Chapter 2, Example 2)
(3)Circuit that turns ON after a certain time
(Chapter 2, Example 3)
(4)Periodic Operating Circuit
(Chapter 2, Example 4)
(5) Traffic signals (Chapter 2, Example 5)

5.Manufacture of experimental equipment

6.Creating simple games
(1)Fastest finger game
(2)Fastest finger game-2
(Start timing is pseudo-random.)
(5)Stone-taking game
(6)A button-mashing game-1
(7)A button-mashing game-2
(8)Slot game



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