Forensic Microscopy: Truth Under the Lenses

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Updated and Published:June 11, 2022

Forensic Microscopy: Truth Under the Lenses – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1032283289 | 367 pages | True PDF | 287.72 MB

Forensic Microscopy: Truth Under the Lenses provides an overview and understanding of the various types of microscopes and their techniques employed in forensic science. The book emphasizes both the theoretical and practical aspects of microscopy to enrich the reader’s understanding of the various tools, techniques, and utility—including strengths and weaknesses—of types of microscopes in analyzing certain forms of evidence.

The book begins with the history of microscopes, the basic optics for microscopy, then moves to advanced microscopies such as electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes. In addition to the various types of microscopes and how to use and best utilize them, the book looks at the analysis of specific types of evidence, including hair, fiber, fingerprint, body fluids, tool marks, ink, pollen grains, spores, diatoms, bullets, cartridges, among other evidence types. Since forensic science is an applied, hands-on discipline, the book includes both a theoretical and a practical approach to the topic.

Key Features:

• Addresses simple to advanced microscopy techniques for the effective analyses of trace evidence

• Pairs chapters on a particular type of microscopy, explaining it thoroughly, before delving into specific usage for forensic applications

• Presents theories and as well as real-world application of concepts

• Provides abundant micro-photographs, including graphical representations and flow charts, to illustrate concepts clearly

Forensic Microscopy serves as a helpful reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students in forensic science, forensic biology, forensic chemistry and related programs. It is also recommended for research students, academicians, technicians, industry and laboratory professionals working on trace evidence analysis.

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