Bear's Midlife Midwife (Shifter - Meg Ripley

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Bear’s Midlife Midwife (Shifter – Meg Ripley
epub | 218.52 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09K1FGVMY | Author: Meg Ripley | Year: 2021

When I got divorced and moved to the quiet Oregon countryside,
The last thing I expected was for a hot stranger to pound on my door,
Demanding I go with him in the middle of the night.
Tyler’s sister-in-law’s in labor, and he swears she’s on death’s door.
The weirder part?
I’m not allowed to tell anyone what I’m about to see.
This has WTF written all over it, but I took an oath to help.
Looks like my cozy sweats, wine, and the remote will have to wait.
Even after delivering babies for decades,
Nothing could prepare me for this.
Good god, the kid is hairy,
And the ears, the eyes…they’re all wrong.
Because I didn’t just deliver a baby.
I delivered a freaking bear cub.
Apparently, these folks are shapeshifters,
And us humans aren’t supposed to know their secret.
Now, some of these bear-people want me dead.
That hunky stranger Tyler is now my bodyguard,
And we’ve gotten very close living under my tiny roof.
Am I ready to jump into a relationship with another man?
Especially one that can change into a bear?

What is the Filename:Bear’s Midlife Midwife (Shifter – Meg Ripley
The File is created by:Amazon
License:Public Domain
Edition:Digital edition
Original cover:Yes
Last revision:2021
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