The Perfect Heir by Monique Moreau

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File Name:The Perfect Heir by Monique Moreau
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Updated and Published:June 16, 2022


I am Clara Hagi, the Virgin Queen. I may not be allowed to marry, but I will be the first woman to rule a mafia clan. The Lupu clan is encroaching on Los Angeles, but they won’t get far. Not on my watch.
I ache for Tatum, their consilier. I love his piercing black eyes, his tall, muscle-bound frame, his touch, his commands, his beguiling strain of vulnerability—I love it all.
The one time and only time he kissed me—my first kiss—was a mistake.
That’s what he called it.
A mistake.
He’ll regret those words; I’ll make sure of it.

Nothing good came from kissing that girl, Clara. A girl whose clan hates mine. A girl who’s off-limits. A girl I should loathe.
As consilier, I live and breathe the Lupu clan, and I do it perfectly. Perfection is the only way to make up for my father’s betrayal, a secret I will take to the grave.
I’m charged with getting the Virgin Queen under control. Once I do, my clan will rule LA, just as it rules NYC. Every time I see her, I remember. Every time, we spar, I want to kiss her. Every time we accidentally touch—and I hate to touch—I ache for her.
One kiss was not enough. Maybe bedding her will get her out of my system, virginity bedamned. Make her pay for twisting me inside out. Make her hurt a little. Purge her from my body and mind.

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