The High Priestess by Erin Mc Luckie Moya Epub

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File Name:The High Priestess by Erin Mc Luckie Moya Epub
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Updated and Published:July 15, 2022


Disowned from her family, shunned from her history and the next in line to quell a war she has no knowledge about, Marie takes on a series of foes as she explores the muddy waters of history, discovering that witches and demons have far more in common than she is comfortable with.
I slid down one of the many alleys, my hand brushing the old stones that were melded together to form the wall by pure will alone. The history – the magick – the memories pulsed through my veins. The throbbing in my jaw turned from a sparsal flicker to a roaring thud that did nothing to quiet my nerves as I fought the flood of emotions that arose each time I came to this town – each time I came home.
Worse still, I couldn’t even slip away discreetly, because I felt the shadow of his presence trail behind me. Did he think I was oblivious? That I didn’t know he was following me? It wouldn’t be the first time I was trailed by a demon.
“I can think of far more enjoyable ways to put that flush on your face.”
My feet stalled of their own accord as I came face-to-face with Cort. Sighing, I resigned myself to the fact that this conversation would probably go the same way every other conversation I had had with him over the past few days.
“What do you want?”

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