Siren’s Tribute by Sedona Ashe Epub

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File Name:Siren’s Tribute by Sedona Ashe Epub
Books Type:Digital Version
Genre / Category:PARANORMAL / SCI-FI
File Size :2.1MB
Updated and Published:July, 31 2022


Don’t touch my stuff. Not my mates, not my city, and not my last nerve- I’ll hurt you.
Rescuing my mates needed to be done. Raining my fury on the one who took them… Well, that was for pleasure.
The one who dared take them? He’s sleeping with the fishes now.
I’m trying to be a better siren, which isn’t easy since I am constantly struggling against the rising tide of desire that makes accomplishing any task really hard. Heh, really, really hard.
I’m getting off track here. The Lure has spread much further than I thought, and I need to take this fight to the source… Which I suspect is in the realm of the Ancients.
The main problem is that my mates are being ultra-clingy, which is good and bad news at the same time. How can I keep them all safe?
Zeno is literally like a fish out of water while on two legs. What about Kye, Storm and Eason? Oh, they are busy trying to keep the military away from me, while also dealing with some unexpected side effects from our bonding. Lokene seems to thrive on chaos and claims he wouldn’t miss this for the worlds. Yes, I said worlds.Road trip, er, realm trip anyone?
As if that wasn’t enough, I’m learning new things about myself by the hour. Like how to control my shiny new emotions. Sad? Downpour. Angry? Hurricane. Happy? Blinding Sunshine. Hungry? Never mind. The world is going to get suspicious if I can’t stop these crazy mood swings.
How hard could it be to stop a war between the Ancients, and stop the spread of the Lure on earth once and for all? It shouldn’t be too hard…
Off the bad guys.
Keep my mates safe.

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