Huge House Hates by Stephanie Brother

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Updated and Published:June 15, 2022


My five huge housemates are my stepbrothers and my worst enemies!
When Mom tells me she’s getting married and moving to Antigua, I don’t know what to do. My friends are all in relationships, and I can’t afford to pay rent on my own. With no other options, I reluctantly accept my stepfather’s offer to move in with his sons. I imagine two preppy guys who look like their dad, so I’m not expecting the five huge men who greet me at the door to their mansion.
Alden, Danny, Mark, Tobias, and River Carlton think I exist for their entertainment. The men spend their days finding stupid ways to annoy me and their nights wandering around the house in towels, leaving nothing to the imagination. I’m talking about hard abs, hard chests, and hard other things I really shouldn’t be thinking about – especially not in the plural.
My mom might be able to put the past behind her, but I can’t forget the unfinished business between our families. I hate the Carltons with a passion. All they do is reinforce how foolish it is to trust men, especially from a family like theirs.
They think I’m a pushover like my dad, but they’re going to see another side of me. I have moves that will get them so hot and bothered that they won’t even remember their own names. I’m going to build them up and then take them down.
There’s no way I could ever catch the feels for such ridiculously sexy but totally infuriating men, is there?
Let the games begin.

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