Codename Ridge Soldiers home – Allie York

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Codename Ridge Soldiers home – Allie York
epub | 184.34 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09F3J7QP5 | Author: Allie York | Year: 2021

My biggest regret is leaving the love of my life when I joined. She expected me to come home, start a family, and live happily ever after, but how could I hold her back, leave her waiting while I served our country? So, I did what I thought was best and broke her heart.
Now I’m back and Paislee isn’t the only girl waiting for me. I have a daughter as well, and Paislee’s moved on to someone new. But there’s no way I’m willing to lose her twice.

My heart may never heal from that letter, it shattered my hopes and dreams. My daughter gave me something new to live for, but going alone has been hard, and every day I hate Kal Ridgeway a little more. It took years to put my fractured heart back together and move on. I found a man who wants to marry me, but he’s not Kal and can never really have me fully.

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