Building Micro-Frontends: Scaling Frontend Projects and Teams (Final Release)

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Free DownloadBuilding Micro-Frontends: Scaling Frontend Projects and Teams (Final Release)

English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781492082996 | 538 pages | PDF,EPUB | 12.75 MB

Micro-frontends are the answer to today’s increasingly complex web applications.

Inspired by the microservices model, this approach lets organizations break interfaces into separate features managed by different teams of developers. In this practical guide, Luca Mezzalira shows software architects and senior developers how to build and deliver artifacts atomically rather than use a big bang deployment structure.
You’ll learn how this architecture allows different teams to choose any library or framework for their micro-frontends without affecting existing components. This gives your organization technical flexibility and enables you to hire and retain a broad spectrum of talent. Micro-frontends also support distributed or colocated teams more efficiently. Pick up this book and learn how to get started with this technological breakthrough.
Explore the technological impact of micro-frontends in your organization
Learn how to identify, generate, and orchestrate micro-frontends
Identify areas of an application UI that individual teams can handle
Understand and manage the complexity that micro-frontends bring inside an organization
Establish end-to-end automation for building and deploying micro-frontends using the strangler pattern

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Download Link: Building Micro-Frontends: Scaling Frontend Projects and Teams (Final Release)

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