Breathless Breakers Hockey 3 – Elise Faber

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Breathless Breakers Hockey 3 – Elise Faber
epub | 1.09 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B096N576QR | Author: Elise Faber | Year: 202

Professional hockey players weren’t supposed to get their hearts broken.

But that’s precisely what happened to Marcel Aubert, forward for the Breakers. He’d fallen hard for his ex, and then she’d cheated on him with a truly reprehensible teammate.

Because she’d been bored. Of him. Not life. She’d made that fact crystal clear.

So Marcel had moved on . . . if remaining single and losing himself in books when he wasn’t on the ice was moving on.

Until he met Prudence Hansley. She was, quite literally, the most imprudent person he’d ever had the privilege of knowing. A total daredevil, she’d jumped out of planes, had hiked into a volcano, spent time in a shark cage.

She was . . . terrifying.

And wonderful. And somehow, she liked him. Boring Marcel.

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