Bluetooth 5.0 Modem Design for IoT Devices

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Free DownloadBluetooth 5.0 Modem Design for IoT Devices

English | 2022 | ISBN: 3030886255 | 193 Pages | PDF EPUB | 21 MB

This book provides an introduction to Bluetooth technology, with a specific focus on developing a hardware architecture for its modem. The major concepts and techniques involved in Bluetooth technology are discussed, with special emphasis on hardware mapping. The book starts simply to allow the reader to master quickly the basic concepts, before addressing the advanced features. This book differs from existing content in that it presents Bluetooth Transceiver architecture suitable for implementation in an FPGA for IoT Devices. It will examine several digital algorithms for modulation and demodulation of Bluetooth signals, locking on the carrier phase, and synchronizing the symbol. Many of these previously analog designs have been translated to the digital domain.

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Download Link: Bluetooth 5.0 Modem Design for IoT Devices

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