Anomaly A Fated Gemini Novella – Nicolina Martin

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Free DownloadAnomaly A Fated Gemini Novella – Nicolina Martin

Anomaly A Fated Gemini Novella – Nicolina Martin
epub | 725.32 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09MNQZN26 | Author: Nicolina Martin | Year: 2021

On H-666 the only thing more dangerous than love is hope.
The All Lights Celebration isn’t for me. I have nothing to celebrate.
I’ll spend my last night of freedom drinking my misery away. Then I’ll submit to forced labor in the mines, where my body and spirit will be broken, and the toxic fumes will destroy my mind. It’s my lot in life, and if I want to spare my sister the same fate, I must accept it.
I wasn’t expecting to meet him, though.
Reece is.different. Stronger. More dangerous. His mesmerizing eyes see everything. I should run away, but instead, I run to him.
He needs my help to get to Earth-and in return, he thinks he can save me. I know better. There’s no hope for me. I’ll die here. But I can’t let that happen to him. He deserves better than this place.
Better than me.
So, while I can give him my body, I can never give him my heart. Because in this place, love is an anomaly. It can’t be trusted.
I can only pray I have the strength to let him go when the time comes.

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