A Court of Darkness The Fallen – A K Koonce

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A Court of Darkness The Fallen – A K Koonce
epub | 316.62 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09M7SYS8J | Author: A.K. Koonce, Rebecca Grey | Year: 2021

As the notorious rejected princess of the Kingdom of Fallen, it’s no surprise I’m sneaking around the castle I was exiled from over a year ago. It’s not shocking I’m fist fighting with the wildest men of the wild hunt. It’s definitely not astonishing I’ve come to find myself locked in my father’s dungeon because of it all. I only wish I hadn’t brought the psychotic men of the wild hunt with me.

I can find out the Mad King’s secrets. I can stop his destruction myself. He is my father after all. His reckless magic runs through my blood.

And like I said, it’s to die for.

One of us will find that out first hand.

Author Note:
A Court of Darkness is book one of a delicious demonic fae series with demonically steamy scenes, of course. This series is recommend for readers 18 and over.
A short novella was previously published of A Court of Darkness, titled Darkness Rising. This series has been entirely rewritten, extended, and dramatically changed.

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